Healthy Living Tips

red fruits

eat 5 or more fruits
& veggies each day

Eating lots of healthy foods gives
you energy and keeps you strong

orange milk

drink LOTS of
milk and water

Proper hydration is important
to keeping your body strong

yellow tv

spend less than 2 hours
in front of a screen

Keep your body and brain active
by doing a variety of activities

blue fries

avoid fast food with
well-planned snacks & meals

Be creative in the kitchen instead
of resorting to fast food

purple tree

get outside for at
least 1 hour each day

Get outside and play with a friend,
it makes you feel good

green sheep

get 8-10 hours
of sleep each night

Getting enough sleep keeps you
smart and makes you feel good

Super Powers

healing power
jump higher
night vision
light bulb

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